Monday, February 3, 2014

"Q" is for Quilted Vest & Questions

Letter "Q" week for No Big Dill's Sew All 26 has not been an easy one. I made this vest a couple weeks ago and have struggled with it since. I cheated and used pre-quilted fabric that is leftover from making my niece a laptop bag for her birthday. The bias binding is french script also from the bag. The vest may have been more successful if it was just a couple inches longer, but I was using scraps.

Elena has worn it once so far for her daddy's birthday party, but I wasn't in love with it. It's a little stiff and makes her look like a linebacker wearing shoulder pads. Maybe not that bad, but she was a little top-heavy with her skinny legs. I didn't take any pictures that night but it looked like this with a t-shirt and tribal leggings (all made by me as well).

She is absolutely over the photoshoots for a while. I can't feed her any more mini-marshmallows in good conscience so there are no pictures of her wearing it.

I felt like it could use more volume and something to make it more little girlish so I made a quick peasant blouse out of eyelet. I can't get her to even try it all on together yet but it should look like this.

Ehhhhh, kind of not crazy about that either. 

I suspect that the vest won't get a lot of wear, but the blouse will and the leggings too. So I'll call it a win since the blouse may not have gotten made if it weren't the vest.

So the Question is: What do you think? With the t-shirt or with the blouse or just not at all?

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