Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Doll Clothes - A New Addiction?

Who knew that sewing doll clothes could be so fun and addicting? I made 3 more outfits for my niece's birthday (to add to one un-photographed outfit I gave her for Christmas). I wanted to share some of the patterns I found online and enjoyed using. Everything fits just perfect and sewing doll clothes is such a fun way to use up scraps and be creative.

I started with tribal leggings using the Peek-a-Boo Patterns Skinny Jeans as a base. I really only used it to get a general size idea and eliminated the fly and pockets. I used a knit band for the waist with no elastic and it worked really well. For the top, I traced a doll shirt leftover from Olivia's younger days and that I'm saving for Elena in a few years. I hemmed the neck, used bands at the sleeves, Velcro on the back, and an eyelet peplum to finish the bottom. How cool is this girl? (I had to borrow a doll from a neighbor. Somehow I saved doll clothes but not a doll???)

Next up is a wrap skirt copying the basic dimensions of another skirt. It's trimmed in skinny bias trim that went on pretty easily considering how narrow it is. The cute little sun-top is the free Oliver & S Popover sundress. I shortened it and added a ruffle band so I wouldn't have to hem. Lazy, huh. The bias trim here didn't go without a fight around those tiny curves. I think I had to do it about 4 times to get it acceptable. All of the lilac fabric is from an old wrap tee that had stretchy trim. That elastic became a headband with a simple bow. She is ready for summer.

For special occasions, we needed a fancy dress. I found this free pattern on Sew Like My Mom. I have no objections to Velcro for doll clothes so I didn't use a zipper. Plus I didn't have one without going to a store. The bodice is one piece that you cut two of for a nice lined bodice. The neckline was a little low so I added the eyelet trim to cover up the difference in color of the doll's neck to her body. I put 2 pleats on each side of the front and back and finished with a satin ribbon. She is ready for Valentine's Day now.

There are lots more patterns out there online and something tells me I bought some once at Joanne's for $1 if I just go look through that less used box of miscellaneous and household patterns. I'm sure these will not be my last doll outfits. That's what I'm saving all these scraps for, right? I mean, there must be some reason I keep every little bit thinking, "that would make a cute pocket on something." Who's with me on that?

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