Friday, February 7, 2014

R is for Reversible

R is for Reversible and that suits this little girl just fine because she reverses her little mind constantly. "I wanna eat this. I don't wanna eat this. I wanna eat that. No, I don't wanna eat that either." And then she runs off to play without eating anything. 

I made a ShwinDesigns Lucy Tunic in a 2T. One side is chambray and the other is a sand dollar print from Joanne's a couple of years ago- before I knew sewing blogs even existed or that fabric had names and I should keep track. It has every color of the rainbow in it. I opted for not just lining it, but making it truly reversible so there are buttons on both sides. The pattern gives good directions and is easy to follow. Some of the cute things about it: the tops of the shoulders have a tiny pleat,  love the curves of the front sections, and the side seam pockets whichever way you wear it - even if Elena can't seem to find them yet. (There are marshmallows in there somewhere ;-D)

I like that there are so many ways to have fun with this top with fabric and button choices not to mention other embellishments. It has an interesting silhouette that can be layered under or over for even more looks. We'll get a lot of use out of it. 

Cheesy grin!

Love the shape!

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  1. This little reversible top is adorable! I like the curved front and the capped sleeves. You did a wonderful job! I will check out the pattern. Thank you for putting up the link to find it.


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