Friday, January 31, 2014

P is for Peachy Pants and Top

It'll be interesting to see how far I continue with the No Big Dill's Sew All 26 challenge. The end of the alphabet is going to be more and more challenging. I had all kinds of "P" ideas but finally settled on being Practical. Boring, huh? I am Predictable if nothing else. I have no thoughts yet from W onward though.

I scored some peach denim at the thrift store last week. It's brushed on the inside and oh so soft and warm. The peach color will give us some feeling of spring to come but still be nice and warm because it won't actually be warm around here until April most likely. The peach gauze for the top also came from the thrift store a long time ago. It's so thin that I doubled every piece. It too is very soft and with 2 layers, it's warm enough to not need any extra layers under or over for my hot blooded hooligan.

The blouse is McCall's 6388 again. The same as the apple dress back in the fall. This time with the long sleeves that I was smart enough to omit the first time around and will probably not do again. Ever. Those sleeves were a pain in the rear. In the end they were so balloon-y (is that a word?) that I had to narrow them a little. Then I sewed elastic to the seam allowance of the upper part because they hung down so loosely on her noodle arms and overwhelmed it all. They could use a little more pressing of that seam allowance but I think they're pretty cute now.

The pants are a basic flat front pant of my own doing (a blend of a few patterns and what I would call a 2-1/2T with 3+T length). I hemmed them a little and then a lot and they are ready to let down when needed. Elena has only grown upward, not outward in the past year. In fact, in a year, she has only gained 1 pound! That's it. 1 measly pound. But she's grown several inches taller. (Did I ever mention that I have an 8th grade son who is already 6 foot 3 inches tall?! And still growing.)

Elena rarely stands still.. The only way to get pictures of her is to distract her. So here a bunch of pictures of her at the library, again. One of our favorite places. I think you can see most of the details but you have to look hard for the 2 pockets on the front of the top with more decorative stitching.

Who knew the soles of her shoes would match?

I absolutely love the curves and gathers here. So sweet.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend!

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  1. W ideas......wrap dress with appliqués worm on fishing pole or an inch worm or wooly scarf or fuzzy, wooly lamb on the wrap around dress.

    X ideas. ....halloween costume with X ray of ribs, etc or appliquéd X marks the spot on shirt

    Y ideas sundress with y styled straps that tie in back or appliqué of girl with real yellow yarn braided hair

    Z ideas. Appliqué bear in bed snoring with zzzzzzz s or add a working zipper to front of top


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