Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Denali Jacket for spring

More pink and purple coming out of my sewing room. Elena needed a new jacket with sleeves long enough for a monkey armed girl. She loves fleece jackets and I wanted to make one with buttons. So this jacket is the answer.

 I went to Joann's and bought some antipill polar fleece in colors I knew she would like, but that would include some colors I like. It's all about compromise with this opinionated girl. The pattern is the Denali Jacket by GYCT Designs. I believe I won this pattern in a contest in her Facebook group. It is a very useful pattern with options for a solid front, a color-blocked front, or like this version a color-blocked and gathered front. There is also a choice of a 2 piece or 3 piece hood. I went with 2 piece. I lined the hood and did the facings with jersey from a tan t-shirt. Not exactly "glamorous" like she would pick, but stable and it does match a color of the fleece print.

She is getting good at buttons, but you can see she's putting some stress on the top buttonhole. I think that's because she can't see that one since it's high up and she forgets which way the hole goes. It is well interfaced so I hope it holds up. The buttons are thick for little fingers to grab easily. They came off of an old jacket of Olivia's.

She really likes it and is wearing it a lot. The poor kid spends a fair amount of time in the car every afternoon driving the teenage siblings around so a light jacket is all that she needs for that or she gets overheated. Andrew has changed swim teams so now our afternoon drive for him is down from just over an hour to only 40 minutes. In a couple of weeks (after spring break) it will be 15 minutes so YAY! For all of us.

I do really like this pattern and can fully recommend it. I had no trouble with it and think it produced a nice jacket. I'm also thinking that if I sized up, I could make it in a woven, maybe even a raincoat type fabric. There are side seam pockets but Elena finds those kind hard to find usually. I was thinking of adding a vertical seam to the front panel so I could move them there, or I could bite the bullet and learn how to make a welt pocket. Hmmm. But this version is great for playing outside on the warmer days we are starting to get.

Of course she chose pink pants and pink shoes to wear it with. I could gag on so much pink but she loves it. The top she is wearing underneath is swirly pink and purple. Oh my goodness.

I'm still trying to de-emphasize clothes and blogging for her, so this wasn't an official photo shoot. We were just playing outside and I took some occasional pictures. I like this last one shot through the toy barn we were playing My Little Pony with. She was being so silly and cute.

I had been hoping to make her an Easter dress, but 1) she doesn't really need one, 2) I don't have any fabric she likes for a "glamorous" dress and 3) I'm running out of time so it isn't going to happen. How about an Easter t-shirt? Is that a thing? If she isn't careful she is going to wind up exactly where her picky older sister (who turned 18 last week!!!) is - not on my sewing list at all. I have a long list of sewing for myself and so I hope that the next thing I show you is something for me. Take care everyone!


  1. I miss the pink!! Sweet jacket, and kudos for really thinking each project through.

  2. That is a cute jacket! The print with so many colors is a great choice. It was so nice to read about your sewing plans. Two of my girls are having their birthday soon so I can finally sew some new dresses, yes!! :) Have a nice Easter Angela!


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