Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Peplum Top and Leggings

Today's outfit was made at least 6 weeks ago. We were blessed with another beautiful spring-like day so we had a chance to take pictures outside. It was full-on sunshine and quite windy and then it started raining huge drops for a few minutes, but then it cleared up quickly. You've got to love the weather around here in March and April - it's crazy.

The top was made using Simplicity 1435 with one minor change to extend the sleeves to full length. I used a womens' tee from the thrift store for fabric. I thought Elena would like the little birds, but alas, there is no pink or purple so she doesn't love it. She might not like it at all and may only be wearing it right now because of a bribe of Hello Kitty fruit snacks.

The leggings are from the same pattern, but for skinny mini, I have learned to adjust the width. I taped a fold down the center of the pattern piece to take out 1 inch in width. This pair was made from a pair of Forever 21 leggings Olivia didn't want anymore. They are a ponte knit.

So the fun is in the details. The leggings got the addition of a triangle of crochet lace added to the bottom. I just sewed it on with a tight, narrow zigzag stitch. It's certainly not a new concept, but it is the first time I did it.

I do enjoy a little hand embellishment, so the top got some blanket stitching around the neckline and bottom hem. The bows were made from scraps and tacked on heavily from the back because I hate when bows are only attached at the center and curl up instead of lying flat. They are made from a sweater knit so I don't think they will crumple up like jersey does.

The whole outfit is a little big on her as you can see above. She looks like she's wearing football shoulder pads. I've used this pattern before but with a cotton lycra and this is just an interlock so I guess that's the difference. I'm hoping that it will still fit her next fall. At the rate she is growing lately, the sleeves will be 3/4 length, but I think the rest will actually be better then. And maybe she'll be over the purple and pink infatuation by then. I can only hope.


  1. The crochet lace detail is my favorite thing ever!! Love the bows and decorative stitch work too. I notice your landscape is as confused as mine....dead stuff, green stuff and flowers all at one. Lol!!

  2. How can she not love this? It's adorabe. The blanket stich really lifts it together with the bow and lace and makes this outfit sing! Hope she grows to love it as she grows into it. Am thrilled to discover that I have this pattern, felt a bit meh about it before, off to have a proper look at it now!

  3. I love everything about this outfit! The adorable shirt fabric and the stitches on the neckline and hem. And those leggings, I want them for myself ;). I hope she will grow to love this outfit because it really deserves to be worn!


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