Monday, March 14, 2016

Hack 'em & Mash 'em - Make it your own

First off, I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted anything. I didn't realize it had been quite that long. I have been sewing a lot, just not blogging. So what have I been sewing? I'm continuing on with the capsule wardrobes for Elena and I. These pieces I have to show you today, go along with lots of Elena's other pieces and were made completely from scrap fabric. Bonus pieces!

This cardigan is hack of the Aster Cardigan. I shortened the bodice pieces making the side seam 5" long and added a gathered skirt. I also spaced my buttons out a bit more. Otherwise, the construction is according to the pattern. This sweater knit is super stretchy so I used a piece of neutral jersey for the neck binding. I also stabilized the shoulder seams with hem tape.

Elena definitely needs more practice with buttons, which reminds me I need to show you her new fleece jacket for spring. It has buttons too, but that will be another day. We took advantage of a warm day to take pictures without a jacket so that's how we chose this outfit. I'm telling you, we are way behind on blogging (and shopping for spring shoes.)

I bought 3 yards of this fabric last fall. I believe it cost less than $20 at It has now become my Jalie drop pocket cardigan, a hooded Bimaa for Elena, and this Aster. That's so crazy. I have nothing left of it. I would have made the skirt portion an inch or 2 longer if I had more fabric, but I'm glad it's not any fuller. I just wanted a few gathers. 

Did you recognize the skort fabric? I used the bitty sized scraps of Stenzo jersey I bought from Mabel Madison last year. It's such nice fabric that I had to find a way to use up the last bits. Plus this way, all these pieces mix and match. We now have a dress and skort from the stripes, and leggings and a fringe tee and parts of this skort from the blue. 

This skort is a mash up of 2 patterns - the skirt and waistband pieces are from the Sofilantjes LIV skirt while the under-shorties are from the Hey June Monkey Bars Skirt. Both are free patterns from a couple of really great designers who have lots of great knit patterns. I've made the LIV skirt before with it's cute circle pockets, but I kept it simple this time while adding the shorts underneath. 

There's no elastic in the waistband so it's super comfy. It took no more than 10 minutes to sew this up and then another 10 to set up and hem with the double needle. It's so quick and easy I was tempted to whip up a half a dozen, but how many do we really need? That's the hard part of the capsule wardrobe and being creative and resourceful. Just because I can make them easily doesn't mean I should. I'm trying to stick to my plans and keep a limited wardrobe for her.

I'll be back with more as soon as we can get more pictures. I have so much to show you and a couple pieces I'm working on for myself that are close to done. 


  1. I've missed you :). Nice to hear what you've been sewing there. And no snow, flowers are blooming, I'm loving these pictures! She looks like a big girl in the pictures, I really like your hack of Aster cardigan , it's really pretty! I cannot wait to see the fleece jacket so looking forward to your next post :). Have a nice week Angela!

  2. No elastic is always a bonus. There's nothing comfor, when the fit is just right. Can't wait to see what else you have on the burner!
    P.S. Is it just me or did she grow a good inch this month?!


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