Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Simple Skirt and Embellished Tee

I was just putting Elena to bed and picking out her clothes for school tomorrow, when I realized I never did show you this outfit. These pieces are classic and represent my style again - simple, comfy, old and new fashioned, some handiwork, and inexpensive to make. 

I made these weeks ago, months actually. It was still super hot out but I had time for hand-worked embellishments and experimenting. The pattern is the basic GYCT Tinley Tee made from cotton interlock from Joann's I believe. I think this was about a 3/4 yard piece found in the 50% off remnant sale so it cost about $2.

I made the rose by following this tutorial. This was my first attempt and I think it turned out pretty good. I wanted to keep the tee one color to keep it neutral-ish but I didn't want it to be plain. You know how many hours you can kill on Pinterest looking at stuff like this? And then you just have to make a decision and do something at some point. My dad's famous line to us growing up was always, "Do something, even if it's wrong." Of course care goes into a decision, but you can't let yourself get bogged down with all of the options and never choose any. I'm pleased with my choice.

You should realize by now that I really have a thing for corduroy. It screams warm and cozy to me. I think this particular print and color combo is just amazing. I seriously love it. Of course I can't tell you who makes it or where to get it because it is a thrift store find. Am I the luckiest? I got 3 yards of this for $2. I cut a rectangle, hemmed it and made an elastic casing. Can it be any easier?

So that's what Elena is wearing to school tomorrow with some thick tights and her choice of shoes. I'd pick her brown combat boots, but she is in love with some sparkly new silver maryjanes I bought her this week so we will see. If she has trouble choosing, I'll have to pass on my dad's advice and tell her to pick something even if it's wrong.


  1. Love the flower, love the corduroy! I have 2 fun cord prints in my stash. I've been waiting fir the right project...a simple skirt might be the way to go. Great advice from dad!!

  2. That is such a sweet outfit, I can imagine the color looks good on her. That rose looks interesting, I have never done a rose using such technique - must try some day :). Thanks for the inspiration!


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