Monday, October 19, 2015

KCW Day 1 - Moto Dress

I know I said Elena didn't need anymore clothes for fall, but I was wrong. We were faced with our first cold, wet weekend with winter-like weather so I was inspired to sew up a few more outfits this week. I have plans for sweat pants, a sweatshirt/tunic, some flannel lined corduroy pants, at least one more long sleeved tee, and this tunic/dress.

All fabrics for this motorcycle themed tunic came from my stash. The motorcycle jersey from Girl Charlee is leftover scraps from making hubby a t-shirt. The sparkly metallic knit is so completely synthetic and came to me through my mother and heaven knows where she got it. The black is upcycled from an adult t-shirt. I used a basic t-shirt pattern in it's full length and added a double layer ruffle. Easy Peasy. I managed to sew it up in several short bursts while we both combat colds. The sun came out and it went up to 60 degrees so we even went out for pictures.

Elena loves it. She thinks she looks like a rock star. I think it's ok and fun all that, but it's not my taste. My style is disguised in the shape. The ruffles and simplicity are me, the fabrics are her. So that's cool.

So Day 1 is a success. Day 2 is going to be rough to find time in but I'll do my best. Anyone have any particular sweatpants or jogger like patterns they really recommend?


  1. I really love the Lazy Day lounge pants from Gracious Threads and the hoodie pattern from Jalie has a pair of sweatpants included that gets no bloggy love for some reason- but the pockets are so pro looking and fabulous. I love the design and fabric for Selena's outfit, the 2 of you make a great team!!

  2. I don't think I can help you with the pattern issue, sorry. Elena looks like a big girl in this outfit, the shape of the dress is so adorable and those fabrics really give some rock attitude, good work!!


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