Thursday, October 22, 2015

KCW Day 4: Lined Trousers & a Tee

Knowing I would be super busy Tuesday of this week, I sewed up these pants on Sunday morning to wear that day. It was raining and sleeting all day and these were ready just in the nick of time. I made the tee up Wednesday in about 30 minutes.

The tee is a mash up of McCalls 6785 raglan top/tunic/dress with the CINO Nessie top hemline and swingy shape. The bodice fabric is interlock from the remnant bin at Joann's and the sleeves and neckband are from her big sister's old t-shirt. Comfy, easy, and fast. I didn't have to hem the sleeves since I used the existing hem.

I've made rather a lot of Twisted Trousers already, but one variation I hadn't tried yet was the completely reversible option. I bought the fine wale corduroy and the flannel at Joann's on Friday when I saw the weekend weather forecast. These pants are sooooooo soft and cozy. (Find the pattern here.)

Love those twisting seams and the flannel cuff.
I didn't add any piping because I didn't want to add any extra bulk since they would be lined. I did do pockets on the front and back of the corduroy layer, but nothing extra on the flannel layer. The method of construction is another one of those times when it seems impossible, but if you just follow the directions, when you pull it out at the end, it will result in a beautifully finished pair of pants with no exposed seams anywhere. Sewing magic.

Excuse the wrinkles, she has already worn them before getting pictures.

She now has one pair of jeans, one pair of cords, and this lined pair of cords so I think that will be enough real pants along with 2 pairs of sweatpants (one to be made this week), many pairs of leggings, and 3 or 4 skirts. So as fun as these pants are to make, I'm sticking with my minimalist plans and not making more.

The irony of sewing a minimalist capsule wardrobe for my daughter is that she is more obsessed with clothes than the average child. I'm guessing that for the parent who just goes to the sale at the mall and buys a whole wardrobe at once and puts it in the child's closet, the child doesn't really think about how it got there and just wears it. My child however, sees me planning, and sewing, and photographing and blogging and sees too much importance being put on clothes. She has shown some annoying to me behaviors like showing everyone her knew clothes and asking me if I made her anything knew while she was at school. So I fired her as my model. I will still sew for her and maybe blog some of it, but I'm keeping her out of it for a while. There are far more important things for her to be thinking about, probably me too.

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  1. Hahaha! My niece E's age is very into fashion too. I was very clothing conscience in middle school and upwards but remember loving clothes and coveting them in pre-k. Some of us might be pre-dispotioned to be fashy, who knows? I'm way too materialistic about my closet and my mom did nothing to foster it. It's wise not to encourage it though, I might've ended up on Hoarding: Buried By Clothes. Love the pants, they look so warm and professionally constructed. I think I'd like an adult sized pair!


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