Friday, November 6, 2015

Butterick Moto Jacket

 For some crazy reason, I thought this would be a good time to push myself and my sewing skills and make a jacket. I picked up Butterick 6169 a Lisette Moto Jacket and Dress pattern at a recent Joann's sale. This wool blend houndstooth fabric was given to me so there was little to lose if it didn't work out. Overall, I'm glad I did it. I think it turned out pretty decent.

I made a couple of mistakes so it's far from perfect. First off, it's too big. All over. I took the sides and center back in about an inch each but it's really big in the shoulders and high bust. I forgot to compare the finished measurements and just went off the sizing chart measurements. Dumb mistake. Second, I forgot to put the shoulder pads in. That would have helped the structure there. Third, It's a bit bunchy right at the neck/shoulder seams. Not a great job sewing there. I'll be more careful in that spot next time.

The things I like about this jacket are the princess seams, the pockets, and the assymetrical zipper. The instructions are good and there is a sewalong on the Lisette website that offers some hand holding and some additional suggestions. They break it up into 5 days, I did mine in 3 sessions over 2 days (not counting cutting). I have a hard time leaving things unfinished once I start. It's why I rarely do 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles at home, or delve into 600 page fiction novels. I just can't leave it alone until it's done.

The sewalong suggests adding some canvas to the bottom hem to give it structural support and I think that would have been a good idea. This fabric is fairly thick, but it looks wimpy along the bottom. I'd probably add it to the sleeve hems as well. Also very visible in the picture below is my not so great job at the neckine. I'm not sure what is up with it, but it makes me wish the pattern had a collar to hide it.

 But that lining is beautiful and I am still impressed with myself for trying. I am a life-long learner. It's important to me to keep pushing, keep growing. This one is OK, but the next time will be better.

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  1. What, you already blogged about your jacket, you're so quick :). I love seeing it and it was really enjoyable to read about the sewing process. Jacket is always quite a lot of work but when it's done it's very rewarding! I love that classic fabric choise, your lining work looks good and the asymmetrical zipper is a very nice detail. Good work!


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