Monday, October 20, 2014

Corduroy Sally Dress

We liked our first Sally dress so much, that I made another for fall. I found this great 1980's corduroy at the thrift store for next to nothing. I don't usually pay more than $2 for a cut of fabric there and I think I got about 3 yards of this one. We went with long sleeves and no pockets this time.

Why no pockets you ask? Because this girl doesn't care about pockets. Plus the last Sally I made had light pink pockets that got stained from mud her brother gleefully played with her in. Since the pockets are incorporated into the side seams and hem, there is no replacing them once they are there. The stains are still faintly there, probably only noticeable to me, but I wasn't feeling like committing to pockets again. (Without pockets, there is no difference in the front and back so that sure makes it easy to grab and throw on.)

So, so, so cute. I just love the shape of this dress. I will say though that there is a price to pay for having the ease of no closures. The neckline is wide for her shoulders still, but the waist is just right making it a little tough to get on. The good news is that she therefore can't strip down like she usually does when we are in the house.

Still a great dress. The pattern is available here. (Not an affiliate, just being helpful.) It is comfortable and swingy and Elena loves it. She got lots of smiles from people when we went to the library.

And can I just say that we LOVE our library. It has a huge selection of materials, great toys, and such helpful staff. Such a great place to hang out. I love when I can go by myself and sit in a chair by the fireplace and read for a bit. Not that that happens much, but I can remember doing that before and I look forward to it again, some day.
Most adorable doll house. Ever. And the dress is cute too!

That's 2 Sally's for me now. How many have you made?

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