Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Tumble Tee for Fall

My mom went through her closet and drawers recently and brought me a box of goodies to re-purpose. I loved the colors and thought Elena would love the sparkle of this t-shirt, plus it is incredibly soft, so I cut it down to Elena's size. As you can see, she loves it!

I used the Tumble Tee pattern from Imagine Gnats for the quickest tunic ever. I re-used the decorative edge at the bottom so I didn't even have to hem it. The sleeves are an add-on also found on the Imagine Gnats site when Rachel made some for her girls recently. I used scraps of sweater knit purchased from Joann's last year for the sleeves. The whole thing cost me $0, my favorite price to pay. And it took 25 minutes.

There is only one problem with this shirt. Look at this picture below and see if you can spot it. (And no, it's not the wonky neck hem due to the double needle hitting the bling.)

Yep, my 3 year old is wearing a shirt with a half naked lady on it! Nice boobs. Oh well, it's really only noticeable once you blow up the picture or point it out. I think we'll still wear it, but lesson learned. I will look more carefully in the future.

I crocheted the hat last year as part of another outfit. I love the colors for fall. Shoot, I love FALL!

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