Monday, October 28, 2013

Kids Clothes Week Fall 2013

     So maybe I didn't sew every single day, and I definitely did not take photos and blog about it everyday, but I did have a very productive week. Elena needed more warm pajamas so I made her two sets of flannel pants with knit tops. They're not the cutest things ever, but they are practical and came from nothing but scraps so I'm happy.

     Thank goodness the flannel was at least floral or for sure she'd look like a boy. I didn't even take the time to embellish in any way at all because, shoot, they're pajamas and she has others that I've made that are adorable if I'm worried about her being seen in these.

     The pants are the free Kid Pants pattern from Dana at DanaMadeIt. They have the full elastic waist. I love this pattern and have made a couple of nice flat front pants from it before, with pockets. It's a nice basic pattern that you can do a lot with and they fit Elena really well. The flannel is nice and thick and was passed on to me from a friend of my mom's last year.

     The shirts are self drafted raglan tees using a couple of old t-shirts of my own, a little cream interlock from the thrift store, and some navy blue ribbing from an old tank top of mine that was too short. I'm not at all against buying new fabric, but I sure love using up old stuff that was headed for a landfill. Repurposing makes me happy. It's also a bonus to get to re-use nice factory hems. And when I couldn't, I went with rib knit bands to avoid hooking up the double needle. I had very limited time this week.

     I also made Elena a pair of harem pants and a Bimaa sweater written about here. And then there was the Bimaa for friend Claire too.


     A couple weeks ago, I was told about a garage sale with lots of 2T clothes, but I was so busy I couldn't get there until Saturday, the final 2 hours of the sale. That turned out to be a blessing, because the seller was offering a deal to fill a grocery bag for $5 so I filled 2, of course. We needed long sleeved tees, but the number I got was pretty ridiculous. I couldn't help myself though. Whatever didn't sell was heading to someone who was going to turn them into dog clothes and I couldn't let that happen to all these nice things.
     A couple of the shirts were a little short on Elena so this week I cut them off 2" below the armpits and added on to make dresses.
The magenta one got the bottom half of green adult sized tee so it was already hemmed and has no side seams. That took all of 10 minutes to run a couple rows of gathering stitches and sew it on. Love the colors.
     The white and pink required slightly more time, maybe 25 minutes because I had to use regular fabric and sew the side seams and do a hem, with the dreaded double needle. I don't know what it is about that double needle, but I can barely ever get all the way around before a thread snaps and I have to stop and fix it. I'm thinking that the key is to thread the machine with both top threads at the same time instead of just adding in the second thread. Does anyone know if that helps?
     I also made my 15 year old daughter a pair of knit yoga pants and a pair of polar fleece sweat pants. I have no pictures of those because once they go into her room, forget about it. I don't like going in there. She likes clutter so I generally keep the door closed. They will come through the wash eventually, but that will be too late for pictures. I'm sure you can imagine some gray pants in the same Girl Charlee gray fabric as Elena's harem pants and some black polar fleece pants. Nothing fancy, but very useful to a girl who plays year round volleyball and needs something to cover those spandex on the way to the gym.
     I also cut out all the materials needed to make 4 more pairs of training pants for Elena. We want to start potty training soon. Look for that posting in a couple of days. Again, it uses up old t-shirts and scraps of flannel. In the meantime, I think I may go buy some PUL to make them waterproof. We do have a new sofa ordered afterall.


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