Thursday, October 17, 2013

G is for Golden Days of Fall


     Katy of No Big Dill and her Sew All 26 is inspiring today's post. What a great idea. Go check her out if you aren't one of her thousands of followers already.

     Gold leaves are my favorites in the fall. Gold is warm. Gold is sunshine. Gold is the beach.

     I made this tunic using McCall's 6785, view D. It was super easy. It is a raglan sleeve tunic with ruching at the sides. The hardest part was matching up the stripes at the shoulders. Not perfect, but pretty darn good I think. The trim is something that came in a bag of assorted craft supplies at a local discount grocery store that also carries closeouts. I can't believe how many useful things were in there for $1.99. The outfit was looking like pajamas so it needed something.

     I lucked out and found the ties in my mom's stash so I didn't have to try to make anything so skinny myself. Elena is so tall and narrow, that without the ruching she'd look like a striped hot dog or something so I like that detail and it was easy. All you do is sew the seam allowances down to create a channel.



     The leggings are self drafted from some cream interlock I found at the thrift store for $1. So far that has become these leggings and a long sleeved tee and there's still more. A good buy I'd say. I added ruching at the ankles by sewing elastic to the inside, to again avoid looking like pajamas. Of course the boots are mostly covering it here.
     Along the Lake Erie shoreline, things are still pretty green and gold. We still have a lot of leaves on the trees and the weather has been in the 60's. Amazing. But I know the 40's and 50's are just days away so I want to see more golden pictures at the beach to wrap this up.



  1. The outfit is so pretty on your little girl. Perfect for fall!

  2. Really cute! Love the stripes and the coziness.

  3. Very nice! I love the ruching on the sides - it's such a nice touch.


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