Tuesday, October 22, 2013

H is for Harem Pants

     Welcome to my third week blogging. I love sewing and I love dressing my little one in unique clothes that you don't see everywhere. This outfit definitely qualifies and will likely get a few funny looks from some people I know, but I love it. (Elena insisted on the hat. We've been playing in the Halloween costume box a lot lately.)

      I made my 15 year old daughter some knit yoga pants yesterday and there were just enough scraps leftover to make harem pants for Elena. I was especially looking for an "H" inspired idea so I can join in on Katy of No Big Dill's Sew All 26.

     I used the Best Harem Pants pattern from toosweetspatterns. It was part of the Sew Fab Bundle on sale a couple weeks ago. It also included the very popular Bimaa sweater from Lou Bee Clothing. I made a 2T for both.

     The pants fabric is a cotton lycra from Girl Charlee. This pattern is super simple and quick. The whole thing - printing, cutting and sewing - took 40 minutes. If only I had a serger. Things like this would be even quicker. The only trouble I had was that the waistband wasn't tight enough and in the end I had to insert some 1-1/2" elastic to hold them up. But since I had some on hand, it wasn't any trouble and now they fit comfortably. Sorry for the lousy pictures. I am a sewer, not a photographer, but I'm working on it. Like I said, this is only my third week blogging so I have much to learn.

          The Bimaa is made out of a knit sheet set I found at the thrift store last year. It was basically a wearable muslin just to try it out. I LOVE it. Elena likes it too. This shirt makes me want to finish every tee I ever make with bands and no hems for the rest of my life. I know that's not realistic, but it was that quick and easy to do. I usually use a double needle for hemming and it's kind of a pain to wind a second bobbin to use for the extra top thread and setting it up and all that. This was just so fast.



     I loved the Bimaa so much that I whipped up another one in more Girl Charlee fabric from my stash for our little friend Claire's 5th birthday. She tried it on and left wearing it and carrying her Hello Kitty shirt home with her. Claire has some serious fashion sense and apparently likes unique clothing as well. Plus she's such a sweetheart she was probably trying to make me feel good. Love that Claire.

     There are likely to be many more Bimaa's in our future. I'll try the hoody one next and then the shawl. As for harem pants, maybe one pair is enough for Elena. When we put them on, she grabbed the extra fabric and said, "uh oh, broken" but she hasn't complained all day and she seems comfortable. I can't wait til Olivia, my 15 year old, gets home from school and sees Elena. She's going to ask for a pair too. Think I'll go check the Girl Charlee site now and see about ordering more fabric.

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