Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Capsule Wardrobe: Simplicity Culottes & a Plantain Tee

So a while back I ordered some fabrics from Cali Fabrics and was surprised to see that the organic french terry I thought was called camel was actually called caramel. Oops, thought I was a better reader and shopper by now. Turns out that I love the color caramel, but I wasn't sure at all what to do with it. 3 yards of it no less. It's pretty heavy weight so it would make a nice hoodie for sure, but I don't really need one. I experimented with these culottes figuring they could always be pajamas or just for the beach if nothing else.

The pattern is an out of print Simplicity 4237 from 2006. I really like this pattern and have used it for a couple of skirts in the past. I made only one change to view C and its the same change I've always made on this pattern to all versions. I don't like a fold down waistband so I just cut it half as high. Easy change. Especially in this thick french terry, a fold down would be crazy. I insert elastic as well because I like the extra tummy support and insurance against young ones pulling and hanging on me all the time.

They couldn't be more comfy, but I'm still not sure just how flattering they are. A soft fabric with drape would be very nice I'm sure, but I do think I'll wear these anyway. On Pinterest I saw this color paired with mauve and thought, "Hey, wouldn't you know I got some mauve jersey in that same order from Cali Fabrics." The colors feel very desert sunset to me. I'd like to go to southern Utah, Nevada, and Colorado this summer so I must be feeling the southwest influence.

The t-shirt is another Deer & Doe Plantain Tee. I changed the hem to a rounded hem because that is more flattering for me and also shortened it a couple of inches. This jersey fabric is thinner than I like so it is a bit see-through which doesn't work for me. I doubled the front and back bodice pieces and all is well. Now I can wear any color bra and no one will know it. 

This top will get a ton of usage in my capsule wardrobe coordinating with several other bottoms. In it's first version, I tried to raise the neckline a little and hand sew a binding with a fancy herringbone-like stitch. I had to take it out though because it looked really old lady to me and the binding was rolling inward too. Not good. So I took it out and cut the standard Plaintain neckline with the standard neckband and I love it. Sometimes, basic is good enough.

So the only remaining question is: are these pants a yay or nay? Please be honest and tell me if I can leave the house in this outfit. 


  1. These are great, wear them out happily.

  2. You can totally wear them out. Not only that but they are popping up everywhere. You might be a little ahead of fashion this time lol. You should start seeing them more often and there will be a lot of flowy pants and gauchos in RTW this summer! They look great- and I love the color too.

  3. I love the culottes so definitely yes!! There's always use for a new t-shirt, the color is just perfect for spring and summer :)


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