Sunday, April 24, 2016

Asymmetric Ruffle Tee with Free Motion Applique Flower

I made this cute t-shirt for Elena too long ago to remember for sure which pattern I started with, which really only means about a month ago. I want to say it's another CINO Nessie Tee. The Nessie has flared out sides and I wanted this swingy. The main fabric is a light coral cotton jersey from CaliFabrics. It is such a nice shade of pink/coral in my opinion and the weight and drape of the fabric worked out perfectly.

To get the angle at the bottom, I cut the full pieces out and then trimmed a triangle off the bottom making one side seam 3" higher than the other. Then I cut my ruffle piece twice the width of the bottom of the shirt and again cut a triangle off the top making one side 3" higher than the other. I think the strip was 5 inches high so that I could have one side 2" tall and have some seam allowances. Does that make sense?

Then I had some fun sorting through the scrap bag finding fabrics that would coordinate. Elena wasn't feeling it at all at this point, but I didn't care anymore because this project had become all about me being creative and trying something new. I decided not to turn under the edges and look forward (I think) to a little bit of fraying. It will add to the rustic charm of my sad scribblings. Free motion applique takes some practice I'd say, but it's fun to drop those feed dogs, hook up the darning foot, and just go wherever. 

Elena was having lots of fun taking pictures. What a relief it is when you can get some pictures and some giggles and be done in 5 minutes.

This top took quite a bit more time than a simple tee. From choosing the fabrics and flower design to gathering 2 ruffles and all that basting and serging and topstitching. This is the kind of slow sewing that makes me so incredibly happy though. It was fun, it produced a cute shirt that she likes in the end, and I know exactly what time and materials went into it. I have so much more appreciation for this top than any I could buy ready to wear. I don't have many friends that sew locally, but I hope to inspire a few to give it a go.  


  1. I love the Asymetrical Ruffles- and wow, free motion sewing? I'm impressed, what a cute little too!

  2. I love love love the ruffle idea <3. I need to remember that when my girls need tops like that, would look fun in a dress too! The color of the fabric and free motion embroidery makes the top so cute.

  3. Cute ruffles, and the flower logo looks excellent, you clearly enjoyed making this and it shows. Well done you.


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