Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tinkerbell Pajamas

Elena and I found this very soft flannel Tinkerbell fabric at the thrift store early this summer. Now that fall is approaching (though not this week - we're in the high 80's again!) I made some pajama pants with a coordinating tee.

The pants pattern is my own. It's a combination of a few PDF and commercial patterns. There is no outer seam so a super quick sew. She was out for a hike with her sister, and when she came home, the whole outfit was done.

I searched through the scrap bins and couldn't find enough of anything to make even a size 3 shirt. Then I remembered this yellow raglan tee made last spring and not worn much. I like the the gathers I added to the shoulder seams, but she never fell in love with it. Yellow isn't the fave. It is upcycled from a Target tee with the bottom hem reused. That made it easy to unpick the side seam and open it up.

I cut a pocket from some lilac Girl Charlee scraps and added a Tinkerbell piece to it. I cut some long sleeves, hemmed them, and sewed them under the short sleeve hem. One seam down the arm and side finished it up in record time.

Sewing doesn't have to be all fancy and expensive all the time - although that kind of sewing is fun too. Making something useful and that Elena absolutely loves (even without pink and only a smidgeon of purple) is some of my favorite sewing. It's my super power. 

And I just found out I made the Top 10 for August's Project Run & Play Hand-Sewing Challenge. Hop on over to vote if you want. 

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  1. Yes! The easy useful projects are always a win. And I just saw you on PR&P and when I voted it looks like you're in 3rd place and only 10 votes behind number one. I'm campaigning for Ya lol!! Congrats!!


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