Friday, September 25, 2015

Sew for Elena: Knit Pants & Cardiga

I think Elena's Fall Capsule Wardrobe is complete, but I still have things to show you. Her life is pretty simple so most of her outfits are comfortable knit pieces to mix and match. Upon going through her stuff from last year, I saw that a lot of her tops still fit her so I have focused most of my sewing on everyday pants, a couple of nicer outfits for Church and such, and just a few new tops and cardigans. When paired with a few RTW hand-me-downs, I've created a couple of fun outfits that cost next to nothing.

Today I have 2 upcycles to show you: knit Titchy Threads Twisted Trousers and a Hey June Greenpoint Cardigan. Both are slightly modified, just cuz.

These Twisted Trousers are made from a former maternity t-shirt of mine. I did patch pockets instead and added cuffs to the bottom for a jogger look. They are so soft and comfy that they have quickly become a favorite. The top is a beaded GYCT Tinley Tee upcycle from last year and the totally adorable jacket is a hand-me-down.

I raided the maternity box again for this Greenpoint cardigan. I left off the bottom band so I added 2" to the length and hemmed it. I did just one snap at the center. It was supposed to be a button, but my stupid #%*&% machine balked and ripped a hole in it so I patched it up, reinforced it some more, and did a snap. Grrrrr. Although what I think I actually said was more like this *#@#&!!! Feet were also stomped. A bit of a King's Speech episode. I could be flogged for it in some countries. God Bless the USA.

Touchdown! See my little patch?

She is wearing the same beaded tee and some Carter's leggings from last year. Ready for school.

If you are afraid of sewing with knits, why not try it with some upcycled materials until you feel more certain? Since knits are what we all like to wear day to day, it just makes sense to get comfortable with sewing them. Plus, you can be environmentally friendly (a priority of mine) since you are re-using and reducing (no electricity needed since no ironing needed). 

Have a great weekend. We are having just the most amazing weather this fall so I plan on spending as much of it outdoors as my poor eyes and nose can handle with all my allergies. I'll keep the eye drops and tissues handy.


  1. Ha! This post made me laugh. Bless the USA indeed:) cute cute stuff! Good save with the patch.


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