Thursday, August 27, 2015

Stripes Every Which Way

I've been making Elena a lot of very sweet, old fashioned classic clothes lately so it was time for some more modern fun pieces, especially things for school. I bought both of these fabrics from Mabel Madison recently. They are Stenzo knits and are just excellent to sew with. 

Both pieces are sewn from Simplicity 1435. It includes lots of options for a top or dress with 2 different styles of skirts and 3 sleeves options. I chose the double layer partial circle skirt with puffed sleeves. It was a super easy sew, especially with my new serger. I did the leggings first for a little more practice with the basics before moving on with the dress.

The leggings turned out too big for now, but that's cool because we don't need them for a while. I may take the legs in a little because I'm not a fan of baggy leggings. We'll revisit that as the weather cools off. Today was high 80's again so it's hard to think about wanting to wear pants yet. I made them in a 2 width and 5 length. The length is good.

So just like the pattern artwork, I wanted to play with the stripes and turn them every which way. I was afraid it would be too crazy, but I love it. Elena's eyes and smile got huge when she saw it for the first time so I guess it's a win. 

Stripes to the left

Stripes to the right.

Stripes going up.

Stripes going down.
We <3 them all!
I love the design of this dress and will surely use it again. The puffy sleeves would be cute with elastic in them too I bet. We already have brown and hot pink leggings as well as pink tights she can wear with this dress. I have enough of both fabrics left to make something else or at least add some accents to other pieces in her capsule wardrobe to tie this piece in. 

She definitely wanted to keep this on all day. She even wore the pants outside on this hot muggy day. She took them off once we were back inside in the air conditioning. The goofball. Apparently, this dress is also good for climbing trees and dancing. I'm glad she likes it.


  1. Such cute photos! That stripe knit looks very nice, I also love the double hem of the dress, it gives a great look to the dress! ps. You have been very creative lately, I have had so much other things to do now and I miss sewing :)

  2. It reminds me off fruit striped gum!! I love it!


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