Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Slow Sewing - Hand Embroidered Knit Sally Tunic

This past Kids Clothes Week I made 8 pieces for Elena and 2 for myself. After all that, I took a couple days off from sewing. But I can never stay away for long.

This little tunic was made using the Sally Dress pattern (my third I think) but I used a knit for the top. I still lined it (same knit) so that the backside of the embroidery wouldn't be irritating The bottom half is cotton voile from my inherited stash. This top is light and breezy. The other obvious change from the Sally dress pattern is that I did large pleats instead of gathers. I made it as long as I could with what fabric I had left but this tunic length is confusing to Elena. She would prefer it as a dress I think. That's an assumption based on how much she argued about having to wear shorts or leggings under it.

The embroidery is from this book and adds a sweet folk touch. I'm just mad that I didn't get it in the center somehow. Not sure how that happened. Is it better to embroider first and cut the pieces out afterward? Seems more fool-proof that way and I am feeling quite the fool.


  1. I didn't even notice it was off center. I think half the fun of being a sewing blogger is snitching on ourselves:) what a fun tunic...er...dress lol!!

  2. Me too didn't notice the embroidery (which is very beautiful and that book looks interesting) wasn't in the center. I just love seeing these embroideries on clothes, you have to make some more :). You did a LOT during KCW! That floral fabric is so adorable, just something I love!


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