Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hello Kitty Gumnut Dress

Have you heard of the Gumnut Dress? It's a new pattern offered by Willow & Stitch. I got a free copy through a giveaway on Instagram so I thought I'd use it for Elena's birthday dress.

Even though we own not ONE Hello Kitty thing, Elena declared a month ago that she wants a Hello Kitty birthday party next month when she turns 4. I came across this Hello Kitty fabric at Walmart in the remnant bin soon after she said that. But knowing how often her tastes/interests change, I got nervous that she won't like Hello Kitty by the time her birthday rolls around so I made it already. Plus, this way she got to wear it to her last day of preschool, where they also celebrated her summer birthday.

It's definitely a twirler! There is a full circle skirt made in 4 pieces so you can incorporate those big pockets into the seams. It attaches to a simple knit bodice that fits Elena great. I followed the size chart and made a 2T top with an added inch in length for my 41" tall girl. The skirt is a 3T and I saved length and sanity by hemming with bias tape. I was in a rush, and I'll always take the easiest path. The path of least resistance, I call it.

For the pockets and bodice, I was able to upcycle a really nice tee. It was a men's large, and I just managed to have enough for all the pieces. And bonus, the sleeves were already hemmed! I found the bias tape at a rummage sale last summer (2 packages for 25 cents) and even though the package said it was "Christmas" bias tape, I thought it coordinated well. 

As for the pattern, I wasn't asked to review it or anything, but I can honestly recommend it. Elena LOVES this dress. I enjoyed making it. The pattern printed easily and was quick to put together - no trimming pages. Man, I love that. Also there is a chart to print only the pieces you need. If I have one complaint, it's that the waist circumference could be smaller. I like the gathers at center front and back, but there could be fewer too and I might like it even better. But I do like it a lot already, so it's not a problem.

But we may need to wear some shorts underneath!

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  1. Cute dress! Twirly skirt + huge pockets cannot go wrong for little girls! I like how clean the bias hem looks.
    I remember my daughter wanted Frozen birthday party when she was turning 4, and then changed her mind and ended up with My Little Pony party. You never know until the week before the birthday!


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