Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Friends Part 2 - The One With the Re-do

I'm asking for a re-do. My first Friends look for Alida's Sew the Show was boring. I must have been PMSing and feeling old and incapable of having fun. So here is my new Phoebe look instead (complete with my rendition of Smelly Cat).

After Becca DuVal wrote in the Facebook group that she was looking for a slip dress pattern, I thought "Oh, that'll look great on her. She's young and cute and slim. I can't pull that off." Then I watched Oprah's Spirit Class yesterday (Sunday's epidsode with Christiane Northrup) and had an ah-ha moment. She said, "Belief trumps genes." So if I believe I'm still young and pretty enough, I will be. And my genes must be pretty good too because I have a 3 year old. I read somewhere recently, that having a baby in your 40's makes it very likely that I'll live into my 90's. There is a correlation between my reproductive system being young enough to do that at 42 and the age of all my cells. Elena will be 4 this summer and is keeping me young.

Anyway, the dress here is made using an old pattern from 1996. I forgot I had it, but am so glad I did. I used a thrifted rayon dress to make this, which is essentially a muslin because it felt very experimental. I didn't have enough fabric to make it as long as I would have liked. I also didn't have enough to do the facings the pattern called for, so I did bias tape instead. All in all, it still turned out pretty good and I may even make another. It feels so light and comfortable it's amazing.

I feel quite naked without my granny chic sweater on, but I  wanted to show it on it's own at least once.

So now that I'm feeling young again, we'll be switching to the Golden Girls for next month!?!? Are you screwing with my head Alida? That is another awesome show and will be perfect for summer coming up so I'm excited. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Omg, this is soooo Phoebe!!! Great job :)

    1. Thanks Nikki! I really loved yours too. This was a fun one.

    2. Thanks Nikki! I really loved yours too. This was a fun one.

  2. I love it! Great job on round 2 :)

  3. You rocked this look! I LOVE this post so much. I am also in my 40's. It doesn't mean what it used to mean.
    We are young and spry. Woohoo!
    Good for you having a THREE year old! Girl, you have to be young to keep up with that energy!

  4. Granny sweaters are young and hip. It's all the rage:) great outfit, you look fabulous !

  5. Oh wow what a re-do! And I love your texts by the way. I also think that (small) kids keep you young. I had four kids in six and half years, last one at the age of 35 which is not so old but still I think that without them I would feel older, at least I would probably be much much lazier ;)

  6. I love the dress. And the choker! Oh you have brought me back.


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