Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Essentials to Mix & Match

I am still committed to not purchasing any clothes for Elena with very few exceptions - socks, jeans (which she doesn't like anyway) and winter coats being the main ones, and possibly swim suits. We do have some ready to wear items handed down to us, but the goal is to sew most everything and be smart about it. I strive to make pieces that Elena will like and will wear a lot. I also don't want her to have so many clothes that each hardly gets worn. While I enjoy making them, it feels wasteful to me.

Her spring wardrobe really started with February & March's Project Run & Play outfits. (February 1, February 2, & March) Then I ordered some more fabrics that would fit in with the purple, green, coral, pink, and turquoise that those outfits included. I'm also considering the fact that Elena really likes to pick her own clothes out now, so I want everything to coordinate as much as possible so it's easy. She may still look ridiculous sometimes (I'm cool with that) if she puts some of the prints together, but otherwise, I hope she'll look pretty good no matter what she picks.

Those are our 3 new pieces I'm showing you today. The pants are the Titchy Threads Twisted Trousers again. I like the 5-pocket styling options with the simplicity of a knit, pull-on waistband. I used floral stretch twill from Girl Charlee.  These are the 2T again, with 2 inches added to the length (at the lengthen line mid thigh). I didn't use any piping this time but added a bit of coral ribbon to the front pockets and back yoke. Elena hates them. She actually cried and begged for leggings. They aren't really that heavy so I'm hoping she'll try them again when she is in a better mood and not being such a threen. They fit her very well.

Next up is the Sofilantjes Otium Sweater in it's most basic version in size 2. I used scraps of green sweater knit left from her big sister's sweater 2 winters ago so they can sort of be twinsies if big sis will allow it. The fabric is from Joann's and has held up great on Olivia's sweater. Being so close to Lake Erie, we'll warm up slowly in the spring and still need sweaters in the morning and evening until early June. It's neutral enough to be versatile.

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As you can see here, she can bend down perfectly easily so hopefully she will accept these pants even though they aren't leggings.

And finally, Elena's favorite new piece - the heathered lilac peplum tee. I used the GYCT Designs Tinley Tee in 3T that I've used several times before. I shortened it and made up the difference with a ruffled flounce that is twice the width of the bottom of the tee. The puffy, gathered sleeves and a skirt are so girly and just what this princess loves. It looks allright with the floral pants, but not as great as I'd expected. A darker purple might have been even better I suppose, but I also bought this same cotton/spandex from Girl Charlee in coral so there will be other tees. Elena prefers this top with some leggings.

I'll be back next week during Kids Clothes Week. I'm planning on a pair of shorts and a tee at the very least, but possibly more. Will you be participating and if so, how are you incorporating the Wild Things theme? I'm not sure how wild I want to get yet, even though I've seen so many inspiring posts.


  1. I like them all! They are really easy to mix and match so you've done a great job :). I will also participate the Wild Things theme. I'm quite busy at the moment, but I try to make two or three things, one is summer dress, I guess. I have some animal printed /figured fabrics and I think I'm going to use them - I have ideas for them. I just haven't been able to sew them yet - this is a good chance to do them although I know it's not very creative way to incorporate the theme :)

  2. Great basic pieces! I especially love the flower pants, those are so cute!!


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