Monday, September 29, 2014

Recycled Jeans & Sweater

This week I did another refashion and again used a pair of my oldest daughter's old jeans to make jeggings/leggings for Elena. The jeans had nicely embellished pockets, were worn soft, and had lots of stretch. I don't usually like denim jeans for little kids because they seem too stiff but this denim was so stretchy and soft that I didn't feel like it would be constraining at all.

It wasn't really all that hard to unpick the pockets and flaps. I sewed them onto the sides of the leggings as cargo pockets and they look great. I was a tad worried that they would feel stiff or heavy, but again, this denim is worn so soft and is so stretchy that it wasn't a problem. I also used a zigzag stitch on any non-vertical seams to make sure it wouldn't stop the legs of the jeans from stretching.

I used my rub-off leggings pattern, and they have an elastic casing at the top. For a fairly recently potty trained girl going to preschool, I think elastic is the most practical and functional waistband. I am all for independence!

What's better in autumn than jeans and sweaters? My neighbor gave me this crochet sweater in a great color but it was short and wide. The first thing I did was cut the sweater down using the back piece of Figgy's Celestial Tee. I didn't touch the sleeve bands or bottom band at all. What were cap sleeves on me are 3/4 sleeves on my 3 year old! What barely reached my waistband is mid-thigh on her! I also had to pinch a good 2 inches out of the neckline along the shoulder seam to bring the neck in. 

She did not like standing on this little dresser. The whole outfit looks great layered with a turtleneck and boots. She didn't want to take it off so I think she likes it too. I'm tired of the hot and humid weather and am ready for fall. Jeans and sweater weather - the sooner the better. 


  1. That looks great on her!

  2. I love how the original pockets add such a fun design to the jeans! Love the sweater too!


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