Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Velveteen Rabbit & Ruffles

Just when I was afraid my newly 3 year old was growing up too fast and looking too preschool-aged, I made this outfit and am so glad she looks like a toddler again. This has to make my Top 5 All-Time Favorites list for sure. I love the ruffles, the embroidery, the natural colors, just everything about it.

The top pattern is Butterick 5877. Looking at the cover photo you can't hardly see the double layer of ruffles so I'm glad I looked at the line drawings. This is a wonderful pattern with great options. I think this is the best Big 4 pattern I have ever used. I had no difficulties whatsoever. Even the sizing worked out well - a straight up 2T actually fits well.

The fabric came from the thrift store and I'm guessing it's a linen and rayon blend. So natural looking like linen, but soft and drapey like rayon. Gorgeous. Or like Elena has started saying, "Glorgeous." What a great word. It combines glorious and gorgeous and that's how she is seeing things lately.

The shorts are my knock-off the E&E Bubble Pocket Shorts. I used a brown interlock and they are nice and comfy and she loves them. I like that they add some volume to my skinny-mini so she looks rounder and softer.

OMG - how cute is that bunny?! I copied him off of this post at Helmoja ja hepeneita. I found her blog through a linky party/contest that An of Straight Grain ran recently. What a find. She makes great stuff. Please don't scrutinize my bunny too closely. I can't draw to save my life. I sketched him on with disappearing marker and then used a mix of basic stitches to embroider him. He reminds me of the bunny from Velveteen Rabbit. I love that book so much. The whole outfit gives the feel of that era I think.

And speaking of An of Straight Grain, I totally thank her for my "glorgeous" gathers in the above picture. Her method is fantastic. I've always run 2 rows of basting stitches, but she has you run them farther apart and then sew between them. She also has some good tips on how to divide the gathers nice and evenly. It works great.

This outfit makes me excited about sewing again. I needed that because I've been working on a pretty complicated dress for myself and I have no idea if I'm going to like it in the end. It has something like 31 pieces (no kidding, and I'm not even doing the lining!) and tons of top stitching. What if I don't even like it after all that? Then I'll sew up another variation of this pattern - probably the tunic length with the circle skirt, cap sleeves, and the contrasting bottom band. That will be fun and I know it will turn out well.


  1. Thanks for linking up to the linen fabric swap! Good luck!

  2. Cute outfit, love the bunny!


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