Thursday, July 17, 2014

Elena's Incredibles Birthday

Elena loves Disney's Incredibles. She asked for a superhero birthday so I did my best to make her an outfit for the party. How could I say no when she says "super-rero" so dang cute.

I used the CINO Nessie top pattern again, but changed the armhole to a small dolman sleeve to make it even quicker. The neckline is perfect on the Nessie, and the A-line shape and slight hi/low hem makes it just girly enough. I've used it a bunch of times already like here and here and some unblogged and some on Instagram. It's a fave.

For fabric I used another one of those Police Athletic League t-shirts my mom salvaged. I had never done a freezer paper stencil so it was a comfort knowing I wasn't potentially wasting fabric if things didn't go well. But things went great! I was surprised how clean the edges were and how easy it was. I will definitely do that again.

For the shorts, I used a pair of my oldest's outgrown yoga pants and my self-drafted leggings pattern. I went with a 4-1/2 inch inseam and slashed and spread the pattern out at the center and inseam to make a wider leg. The pattern piece looked like this:

They have a casing with elastic at the top and double-needle hems. Quick and easy.

And no superhero is complete without a mask so I drew out a couple shapes and sizes. I had enough black felt on hand to make 2 child sized and 4 adult sized masks. I checked around online and found that the most popular method is to cut 2 layers and slip some elastic between on the sides and stitch around all the edges. Everyone enjoyed wearing those.

Now I know that Edna Mode (in the movie) says, "NO CAPES." but I couldn't resist making one out of some red crushed velvet. I used a Simplicity costume pattern and it looks adorable. The velvet also makes it workable as a royal cape for a princess. I forgot to get any pictures of it. Duh. So maybe this fall/winter it will make an appearance with a princess dress.

Again my OPD (Obsessively Practical Disorder) took over with this project. I couldn't make a "costume". I had to make something wearable and useful. But I still think it's fun and most importantly, Elena really loves it.


  1. That shirt is awesome! Love the eye masks too!

  2. This is adorable! I can't believe that's a freezer paper stencil - it looks like an upcycled tee! I love that like to make things useful, while still fun - that's our whole philosophy over at CraftingCon :) Thanks for linking up!


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