Friday, July 18, 2014

So Much Topstitching & So Many Pieces!


32 Pieces! And I didn't even line it like I was supposed to. 

So much topstitching. My first time doing so much topstitching and with 2 rows, using the triple stitch for added emphasis, and in a contrasting color (aqua)! That's a lot of stress trying to keep it straight and evenly spaced. I learned that evenly spaced is even more important than straight so if that first line veers off a bit, just go with it and make sure the other line follows. The drape of the fabric and the curves of the body will help hide the crookedness, but there is no help for uneven spacing. There is also no way to take it in after the fact so making a muslin would be highly advisable - except I didn't. So God was with me and helped me out a lot because it fits pretty great by some miracle. I did try it on a million and half times along the way too.

The scarf makes me feel a little more covered up and comfortable. Somehow I feel naked in this dress. The waistband really highlights my curves and makes me feel self-conscious. Which made taking pictures 3 times, in front of my neighbors, super extra ridiculously awkward. The sun was just too harsh earlier in the day. I told my neighbors that the problem wasn't the dress, it was my face. Haha.

The pattern is Butterick 6053. There was one major problem with the pattern. The front center skirt piece said to cut 2 on the fold so I did. Once I sewed all 4 skirt front pieces together (but before topstitching), I held it up and it wrapped almost all the way around me. What is going on here I thought? So I went back to the pattern and looked at their layout (which a normal person may have done earlier) and low and behold they didn't cut it on the fold. So that is a major printing error I'd say. I wasted a lot of fabric and a lot of time on that. But here's the bigger problem: I had to cut them down to make the skirt fit the waistband, but I didn't get the bottom quite right so then the hem band was too short by about 4 inches. I was p***ed!! I cut a small piece and added it in because I didn't have enough fabric left to recut completely. Because of the fullness of the skirt, probably no one will ever notice, but I know it's there.


I also had to add several inches of length to the skirt pieces. I had to cut  the pattern pieces and add it at the middle and redraw the side lines so as to keep the bottom circumference the same. That's what made that hem band not fitting even worse. I spent a lot more time redoing those 4 different skirt pieces only to not have that thing match up anyway! Arrrgg.

The fabric is a light brown medium weight denim from the thrift store. Score! It's very soft and feels great. The whole dress is actually super comfortable considering it's a fitted dress. I love the shape of it. I think I'll make it again some day, but probably without the topstitching. I could also use the skirt lining pieces instead to make a slightly easier skirt and eliminate some pieces.  But then I'd have to add the length again, so we'll see. So as with most of these Big 4 patterns, I like the style and I was able to make it work, but it wasn't easy.

And finally, since my little photo-bomber was color-coordinated, I'll include one of her too. She's wearing her September tunic and bubble pocket shorts.


  1. I love the style of this dress, especially with the topstitching! too bad it was so much work to get the pattern to behave the way it was supposed to...

  2. Thank you for your review of this dress. I am about to make it up and plan to lengthen the skirt and appreciate the warning about the pattern error.

  3. Thank you for your review of this dress. I am about to make it up and plan to lengthen the skirt and appreciate the warning about the pattern error.

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