Monday, May 23, 2016

KCW: The pony dress

I avoid the mall like the plague, and I avoid taking Elena to the mall like I avoid plaque diseased zombies on Mars. So after a short but unavoidable trip into the mall recently, we walked out with a really cute H&M dress for $5. Things like that are hard even for me to walk away from, let alone a 4 year old. Of course it's cute, but it's made under questionable circumstances in Bangladesh so I try not to participate in that scene. I don't know a lot about H&M's practices actually, but I'm guessing that if you can sell it for $5, they didn't pay the worker much at all by the time you factor in materials, overhead, and shipping.

So I ordered one yard of pony print jersey from Girl Charlee Fabrics for $6.50. This fabric is made in Los Angeles and I provided my own slave labor for only the price of her smile and a hug. The bindings are cut from an old t-shirt her big sister didn't want anymore. (With 13 years between them, I don't save a lot of hand-me-downs for her unless they are really classic, basic pieces that won't go out of style.)

 The bodice is made from the Willow & Stitch Gumnut Dress pattern. I've used it before here so I know it fits well and has exactly the shape I wanted. The skirt is from Simplicity 1435, but lengthened. It's almost a full circle skirt cut in 2 pieces. Because I was working with directional fabric, I couldn't cut a basic circle skirt or the ponies would be upside down on the back. I've used this pattern before and knew it had the fullness I was looking for and already came in 2 pieces. It's easy enough to measure the bottom of the bodice and use whatever size skirt matches up best. Then you can make it any length you want. I went for a high low and gave it plenty of length to grow into over the summer.

 She absolutely loves it and so do I. We have plans for another one tomorrow, but I have a little less fabric to work with so we'll see if it works out. It is unhemmed and with neck and arm bands, the whole thing was done on the serger meaning this is 30 minute dress to construct. If that. So quick and easy.

 It's such a playful little dress and really comfortable. It will see lots of action. It'll be hard to get her take this one off. She has worn it all day since getting home from school and wants to wear it to bed too. So I guess I really better make another one tomorrow.

Be sure to check out the project pool over at KCW. It's always inspiring to see.


  1. Cute dress, and it really looks comfortable. Great fabric choice!


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