Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hello Kitty Pajamas

Elena has NO summer pj's yet. I have no fabric budget (especially for jammies) right now, so this set came all from scraps. In fact, the shorts are actually pieced together at the top of one front piece. I matched it up pretty well though so it's very hard to see. There are scraps of the hello kitty cotton that came from Walmart last year and then a former volleyball camp t-shirt of Olivia's, and a bit of another t-shirt too.

I did my best to reuse parts and hems to make this as quick as possible. The applique took the most time. The shirt pattern is my TNT Get Your Crap Together Tinley Tee in it's most basic, no frill version. The applique is my first time trying this with the machine. It's rough to say the least but hey, it's pajamas and Elena isn't much of a critic yet. She is thrilled with it.

The shorts are the free Oliver & S Sunny Day Shorts. I had never used this pattern before even though I already had it printed and taped together. It worked out well and I have no complaints. I'm sure I'll use it in the future. It can be hacked in a million ways. Can you see the small triangle piece on the wearer's right at the center seam and waistband? I was so close to being able to make shorts from the scraps and I couldn't let missing that little bit stop me from making Elena so happy. The waistband is jersey knit for added comfort. I added ruffles and cut those from the bottom of the factory hemmed t-shirt. Smart huh? What time was saved in not hemming, was spent on gathering though so not much difference time-wise, but definitely added to the cute girliness.

 So cute jammies out of scraps. I'd like to make a nightgown too but can't decide what style, what fabric, etc. Waiting for the inspiration to hit and hoping it happens this week still. Any suggestions?


  1. I prefer not to buy pajama fabric either!! I can't believe you squeezed it out- good job! For a nightgown I think I'd use one of the free tank top patterns and just lengthen it. Then it could be a dress and double as sleepwear:)

  2. Wow, very clever indeed, good job Angela! She loks very happy in her new pajamas.


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