Friday, February 12, 2016

Cosplay - Twilight Sparkle

There is nothing quite like the Project Run & Play themes to get me creating outside my box. Elena is absolutely thrilled that I decided at the last minute to play along with the Cosplay challenge. She is a big fan of Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony. I didn't even realize when I settled on this idea that we have not only the Equestria doll version, but a couple of pony versions too.

We had to do a really quick photo shoot under not great circumstances - no time, no light, early morning, only 5 hours of sleep for me... I was not hopeful. We did our best to have fun with it.

 Here are the characters in case you aren't familiar. The bright colors are fun, and the shapes are nice and simple. I was able to use bits and pieces from the stash and purchase nothing.

The t-shirt is a mash up of my 2 most used t-shirt patterns for children: GYCT Tinley Tee and the CINO Nessie. The top half is the Tinley and the chest down is the Nessie. I love the Tinley's gathered sleeve option and the Nessie's just enough hi/low hem and swing shape. This is now THE perfect tee in my opinion. The neck fringe is something I had been thinking about and then See Kate Sew happened to do a tutorial very recently. Great timing. I think it's really fun. Elena was sad that I didn't make a pink bow like Twilight Sparkle has but I think it's more versatile this way. The fabric is leftover scraps of Stenzo jersey from Mable Madison.

This skirt really cracks me up because it's a huge departure from my usual style. I find it amazing that I even had these fabrics around to play with. The skirt itself was a polyester knit top my mom bought at the thrift store and gave to me because it had a million seed beads in many strands forming an attached necklace. I cut off all the beads for a future use and threw the shirt in the stash thinking I'd probably never use it but that I'd keep it around for a while just in case. The ribbon and glitter embellished stretch mesh matched perfectly. I bought about a half yard piece from the thrift store for 50 cents not knowing what I'd ever do with it, but I knew Elena would love it.

For the skirt pattern I used a pattern piece from a dress, but modified it enough to not name it. I just needed an idea of the top curve for about a half circle skirt that would be about 10" across. I folded the edges of the netting under and sewed them down with a double needle to keep it stretchy. It is hemmed with the double needle as well. The waistband is a separate casing with 1/2" elastic. She loves it!

She was really not into the pictures today, but I was happy to get any at all. She mostly watched TV while I tried to get her to look up once in a while. You know how it is. Am I going to offer her marshmallows and such at 8 in the morning? I didn't resort to any bribes and we got out the door on time so it's all good. See you next week for the All The Glitters theme. Lucky girl is getting 2 glittery outfits.


  1. I love my double needles!! I love MLP when I was a kid too. What a franchise now, with the dolls and ponies and shopkins....I can't keep up. That top does look like a perfect fit for that baby girl. I'm so glad you're sewing along, I'm always excited to see what you'll come up with!

  2. Nice interpretation of the Little Pony!

  3. That shirt is just awesome Angela! She's one happy girl! I love to see what you are doing for PRP :)


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