Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"Nothing But Knits" Challenge

This Project Run & Play theme of Nothing But Knits is my jam. Knit clothes are my favorites and definitely Elena's favorites too. They are so easy to wear and so easy to sew. Tunics and leggings on Elena are top of my list for what to dress her in for preschool. They are comfy, inexpensive, functional, and help her be self-sufficient.

I wanted to try a different shape on her this time. She's so thin I wanted to see what she would look like in a rounder shaped tunic. I used a standard t-shirt pattern (the GYCT Tinley Tee) but redrew the sides to curve out a couple of inches. The body of the shirt is made of a cotton lycra repurposed ladies sized mock turtleneck. It has been transformed from the dowdy to the cute. The striped sleeves and pockets are cotton lycra from Girl Charlee. There is elastic in the hem to draw it in, but still pass the sit on the floor criss cross applesauce test.

The pockets are a fun touch and were inspired by Elena's love of a stuffed owl toy I made her years ago. She has been playing and sleeping with "Who-eee" a lot lately so I found a template online and cut up a bunch of scraps and appliqued them on by hand. Honestly, I had to do it by hand because that whole part was an afterthought. She had already worn the outfit with plain pockets once before we had that idea. My favorite part is the blue sequin eyes.

The leggings are plain brown Laguna Cotton Stretch Jersey Knit. Nothing fancy about them, but so very soft, comfy and useful to her wardrobe.

Now for Who-eee. He is made from an old fleece jacket with a broken zipper and a bunch of odds and ends and some crocheting. He was completely free-formed, improvisational kind of sewing. That is so much fun for me. That was pre-blogging days so there was never any thought of making him picture worthy.

And now more pictures because she was in a ridiculously cooperative mood and that is rare.

Thanks for reading. The contestants did an amazing job. Be sure to cast a vote and comment on their hard work. I have to go decide on my favorite now and I don't know how I'm going to do that.


  1. Those owl pockets are so cute! I love that big owl too.

  2. Oh my goodness, those owl pockets are so sweet!

  3. Love it. Great to see the Tinley Tee modified too!

  4. Love it. Great to see the Tinley Tee modified too!

  5. Those owl pockets are simply adorable!

  6. Such a fun and playful outfit, I can see she loves it! Who-eee - wow- he's just adorable :)

  7. Oh my gosh, that's the brightest smile I've ever seen!! I love your incredible owl pockets and the fact that you refashioned the dowdy to get such a cute look. Great outfit Angela!

  8. Those owls are so cute! Looking at her smile, it is safe to say she loves this fun outfit? ;)
    I love round shape tunic on my thin girl too, but she refuses to wear it...she thinks she would look like pumpkin ;o

  9. What a fun outfit! The little owls on the pockets are so sweet.


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