Friday, March 14, 2014

X is for Crossback Tunics

crossback tunic by

I first came across the No Big Dill blog back in the fall and immediately joined in on the Sew All 26 Challenge. Katy is truly an original - creative, inspiring, and beyond talented. I started with letter G and have done every letter since. We are nearing the end of this series and I will really miss it.

My big kids had another snow day yesterday, but we are dreaming of summer over here. I look so forward to walking out the door without boots, hats, gloves, coats, scarves... I seriously can't take much more of this.

So anyway, "X" is for crossback tunics for Elena and her "dolly". I wish you could hear her say it. It is so stinking cute. The pattern for Elena's top is McCall's 2213 but there are plenty of versions of this out there. The lucky part was that just the other day, a free doll sized pattern was posted by A Jennuine Life as part of her teaching kids to sew series. Elena is just 2-1/2 so I whipped one up myself while she was napping (She did nap that day- it's not so reliable anymore. boo hoo)

crossback tunics by

The shorts are my knock-off of the famous Elegance & Elephants bubble pocket shorts. What can I say, sometimes I buy patterns and sometimes I like figuring things out for myself. They are such a cute design and Elena loves how much stuff can fit in the pockets. Today we have a couple strawberry marshmallows of course.

Kind of wish I hadn't added extra length to the size 2 top because now you only see the shorts from the back or when she reaches way up high. I still struggle with what size to sew this girl. Her chest and waist say she should wear 12 months a lot of times or 18 months but that just seems too crazy to go along with. I think this top will fit her for at least the next 2 summers, or until she's 6 maybe.

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  1. I had a shirt like that growing up. It was comfortable and cool and I loved it!

  2. So cute! It was a cross-backed pinafore that I first purchased from an independent designer on Etsy to begin my sewing journey! I'm glad you found the doll pattern helpful!

    1. Thanks and hopefully someday a few years from now, Elena can sew one up herself!


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