Monday, January 18, 2016

Butterick 5679 Draped Tunic

2016 is off to a slow start for me as far as blogging. The sewing and making is still happening, the pictures and writing is not. We are being slammed with snow yesterday and today, the kids are all home from school, and I've got the itch to actually post something so here is my stripey draped tunic using Butterick 5679.

Yeah, my eyes are closed, oh well. I made this tunic back in late November and am trying my best to remember what I can tell you about the pattern. The only thing I remember is that I should have made the binding on the back piece quite a lot tighter so as a result, it was big around the shoulders. Instead of unpicking it (lazy me), I just took it in at the raglan seams instead. So lazy, but effective.

The fabric came from Girl Charlee last year. It's very thin cotton spandex. It worked fine for this, but of couse it's thinness made it a pain, not to mention the stripes. Not the easiest choice, but I really liked the colors and was intent on using it somehow.

We have received a foot of snow already since yesterday, and as you can see, it's still coming down. (Also, it's only 9 degrees.) This is great news for my sister and her kids who are flying up from Florida later this week. They grew up here so the kids really miss snow and are excited. Not me although I had a really beautiful drive taking Andrew to swimming this morning. There is something so amazing about the silence that a storm like this brings. The roads weren't clear at all, but there wasn't much traffic and it was truly beautiful.

The main reason I haven't blogged much is because it's impossible to get pictures lately. No matter what I tell my various photographers about composing a good shot, they still manage to grow trees out of my head, or get ugly backgrounds. I give up. I still think that this pattern is a good one and deserves to be made up and worn a lot. There are several other variations including a cowl neck and different angled hems. It just runs big is my only caution. You can see below that the side seams on this one hang lower, and they are supposed to me several inches lower, but I didn't have enough fabric so this is how mine is. It's fine with me.

So I will be staying in today, making soup, and only venturing back out to pick Andrew back up from practice. Keep warm and keep safe, wherever you are.


  1. That is a really nice shirt Angela. And blue is so your color!! We've finally had snow too, and it's been freezing here, already for a week (yesterday it was even -26 C). The landscape is really beautiful especially when the sun is shining but I kind of already miss the summer and wearing summerdresses and nice pair of shoes :).

  2. Looks like a great staple! I love the cowl neck. Good to hear from you! Hope that weather clears up soon, hon.


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