Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Shorts & a Foxy Tank

Elena still needs more shorts and after the last shorts I made for her, I needed to go back to a TNT pattern. I grabbed my trusty Titchy Threads Twisted Trousers pattern and the fabric scraps left from making Elena's Twisted Capri's (seen here) and whipped up a nice pair.

I was looking for a quick sew, therefore, no pockets. Elena isn't into pockets anyway. The fabric is a stretch bottomweight from Joann's. I changed them up a bit by bias binding the edges (a quilting cotton from Joann's). In a short length, you don't get a lot of seam twisting like you would with pants, but enough to bring the opening a little to the front. I wanted a longer length short for her because she is always all over the floor playing and I want everything covered. I also used more of the matching elastic like I did with the capri's. It is so soft and really holds them snug.

A blurry action shot.

Check out this tutorial from Dana at Made to see how to make racer shorts. It's a super simple modification. I chose this detail for 2 reasons. 1. To add the coordinating fabric for interest. 2. To have "vents" for ease of movement.

If you remember my March Project Run & Play look, then you know that these shorts will match the reversible knot top I made for that. And in keeping with my goal to have not a ton of clothes for Elena but to have everything mix and match, I wanted to use this cute fox fabric from Girl Charlee to make a top.

This top is a mash up of two patterns. If you know me, you can guess one of them. I've only used it 6 or 8 times already in the past year - it's the CINO Nessie, yet again. I combined that with the free Racerback Tank pattern from Crafterhours, with one change to the back. The pattern has 2 pieces for the back - a yoke and then a wider bottom piece to gather on. I cut it as one piece and used the Nessie to gauge how wide to make that. So the PAB pattern was essentially just used for the racerback shape.

She's looking weary in that picture isn't she? She is terrified of bugs and on the lookout for them. She shrieks over the tiniest ant. It's going to be a long summer I think.

And continuing our new photoshoot tradition, we'll end with another selfie. I really like this one.


  1. Such a cute girl :). I have never made that kind of shorts - I really should, maybe next summer, because I already have made the shorts for this summer ;). That fox top is really adorable too!

  2. I love both pattern hacks! I wish I could deviate a little more but I'm not as much of a rebel as you. Since I've been reading your blog though I'm very inspired to try new things! The fox fabric is adorable btw.


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