Monday, December 8, 2014

Is That Really Another Nessie Top for Elena?

So you know I've used that CINO Nessie Top a whole bunch already, but I had to try Jess's own hack once I saw this one she made. I followed her instructions and it turned out adorable.

This outfit wins on many levels. First, Elena will wear it all day, meaning she doesn't change into a princess dress every time we re-enter the house. It is comfortable and cozy. The top is a jersey knit and the leggings are stretch velour. The leggings are nice and thick for winter temps. These pictures were taken after a full day of wear so the knees are showing it.

Secondly, this whole outfit cost less than $2! I do pride myself on being thrifty. As a stay at home mom with 3 kids, I have to be. As kids get older, they cost more and more (remember I have 2 teenagers) so I like to take advantage while they are little and not so picky about clothes. I found both of these fabrics at the thrift store on half price day. I got at least 2-1/2 yds of each for $6 and have lots and lots left over. So if you add in 19" of elastic and some thread, this outfit was super inexpensive.

Third, these fit in with my attempt to sew Elena's entire wardrobe myself this fall/winter, with a few exceptions (jeans, a winter coat, and socks). These are comfortable, easy care, everyday pieces that mix well with other pieces. But to be honest, I had a 30% off at Kohl's a couple weeks back, and in addition to the jeans and coat, I did buy a sweater tunic (to go with homemade leggings) and 2 basic leggings that were so cheap I couldn't resist. Practicality is the name of the game after all.

I haven't posted much lately. Did you notice? I haven't sewn a whole lot, but what's worse is the photography problems. Take one uncooperative 3 year old and add in some cold, gray weather and major camera issues, and this is what you get. My phone seems to be the only option right now because the above last 2 pics with my video camera are not good. I just loved that last one with her looking at me through the mirror, grainy as heck though. Ha, just noticed that her shoes are also from that same thrift store. We've been waiting to grow into those for a while.

I have lot of plans to sew for Christmas and so far not much has happened. I'd like to get to Joann's today to get some fabric and supplies so I can get started. So I better get off the computer and get some housework done and get moving. Have a great day!


  1. I love thrifted fabric! I don't usually find such nice knits: score!! I love the floral, and love seeing all your Nessies. Photos are rough this time of year; I feel ya!

  2. What a great deal! I love the flower print. I usually buy leggings because they are inexpensive and do not have fit issues, but might have to make those velour leggings!


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