Monday, November 10, 2014

How To Make a Free New Baby Gift

My son has been swimming with the same coach for 5 or 6 years now. We've known him since he was a single guy through his getting married and now having his first baby, a girl. I definitely wanted to give them a gift but funds are super tight right now so I turned to my fabric stash and the internet and found a solution.

This outfit is for when you've had enough with the pink. These 3 knits are all from Girl Charlee at some point in the past year or two. It's amazing how small 0-3 month clothes are and how little fabric they take up. I pulled this out of my really scrappy bin where I thought they would get used as pockets and little embellishments at best. Who knew you could make a whole outfit out of nothing.

So to break it down, the dress is made using Sew Much Ado's free Infant Peasant Dress pattern. I had to lengthen the sleeves since it's winter-like here already. So while I was out shopping the other day I measured the sleeves on a couple of things in the baby department and went with 8".  This is a nice simple pattern for a beginner. Because there is no difference in the front from back I decided to embellish with a floral applique and some embroidery to define the front.

The leggings are from a pattern I already owned but had never used. It is the Titchy Threads Fancy Pants Leggings that I got as part of a Sew Fab Bundle previously. I chose this pattern because I like the idea of a no elastic waistband for a tiny baby plus it provided another opportunity to bring in a patterned fabric on the rear. They turned out really great and so tiny and adorable.

The knot hat is something I just love. I used a lot of these with all of my own bald babies, especially the two born in the winter months. The pattern is from Zaaberry and is free. There are even a couple of different kinds to make but I went with the knot. Oh the cuteness! Plus it ties the 2 prints together to complete the outfit.

I wish I had a baby around to try it on. No, not really come to think of it. Having my last baby at 42 was enough - there will be no more babies here. So I will cross my fingers that the sizing is accurate and that it fits baby Lindsey sometime in the next couple of months. I'm not too worried because I trust all 3 of those designers and have used other patterns by most of them so it should all be good. I feel like I put together a nice handmade outfit and am so happy that it cost me nothing but my time and energy and gave me something fun and creative to do.

Here's one more look at the complete outfit:

Many blessings to the coach, his wife and baby, Lindsey!!!


  1. Oh my gosh. I love it! And the prints you chose coordinate perfectly without being too matchy-matchy. Very cute!!

  2. What an adorable gift you have created! I love the flower applique, just a perfect touch. I am sure this outfit will be loved!

  3. That is adorable! I adore the prints you used! No more babies here either! :D

  4. Awesome gifts! My sister would surely love this for her kids.

    Sarah Dixon


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