Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Project Sewn - Leading Ladies

The first week of Project Sewn's Leading Ladies Challenge is a tough one for me. I know almost nothing about movies and celebrities in general. Of course these ladies can look sexy and glamorous with their money and their stylists and Photoshop, but I'm more drawn to the girl next door images of them. One who inspires me with her down to earth, easy style is Julia Roberts - plus we're about the same age and I have grown up on her movies and love them all. 

AND BABY MAKES THREE  photo | Julia Roberts

JULIA ROBERTS photo | Julia Roberts

If you combine elements of the above 2 pictures of her, I get my outfit - a comfy tee with a knit maxi skirt. The tee is a short sleeved Plaintain from Deer and Doe (my third one now). I wore it plain on Sunday with a nice scarf, but I was thinking that wouldn't be very good for summer and a certain 2 year old doesn't let me wear necklaces without harassing me all day so I wanted to embellish it somehow. So last night I hand stitched on some knit applique curly-Q's to dress it up. I used navy blue darning thread to add contrast. The tee also has a hi-low hem to cover my tush.

The skirt is a narrow A-line with a wide knit waistband with no elastic - for now. I may go back and add some. I just feel more secure with nice wide elastic across my tummy - just in case a certain 2 year old tugs at my skirt too hard. This outfit is super comfy and good for almost anything - except maybe riding a bike. Other than that, I can get through my day of parenting a toddler and 2 teens in comfort and I hope some bit of style.

I guess I can't keep avoiding including my head in some photos. I just get so sick of looking at my face when editing photos. I've been sewing for myself a lot lately so you'd think I'd get more comfortable with this.

Do you think Julia Roberts would wear this? Call me Julia, we'll have lunch (I cook too), the kids can play, and I'll make you an outfit. If you need other celebrity references I've sewn for the only one I have is Peter Cottontail -a local man who does his yard up BIGTIME for Easter and I make him a new vest and bow tie every year - he does make the local news so I think he's considered a celebrity in these parts.


  1. Lovely, yes she could wear those. Love the top.

  2. Great outfit. I'm a Julia Roberts fan too! Thanks for linking up with Tuesday Sews at PiePie Designs!


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