Thursday, November 14, 2013

K is for Knickers

     I'm Sewing All 26 with Katy of No Big Dill again this week. K is for knickers.
     Hey Mr. Knickerbocker, boppity bop. I like the way that you boppity bop. I can't get Barney out of my head this week. Sewing knickers made me think of that song and then I was working with a lot of purple to make matters worse, but I LOVE this outfit!


There was no better place than a castle to take pictures of such a regal outfit.

     Elena is very into Shrek lately and talks all the time about the castle and the dragon and the princess in the highest room of the tallest tower. So I told her there was a castle near where we live and she was of course very excited. She was just sure that there would be a dragon there. She's only 2 and a few months so I didn't ruin that for her yet. I told her the dragon was sleeping and we'd better be quiet and not wake her. It's a girl dragon you know.

     The knickers are a combination of a McCall's pattern for below the knee capri's with a zip fly and buttoning bands at the bottom. I don't trust the sizing on those kinds of patterns so I made a really quick muslin and was glad I did. Elena is tall (90th percentile) but they still came almost to her ankles. I took the features I liked (baggier fit, vertically split front piece and front yoke) and melded them with the famously good Kid Pants from Danamadeit to get the flat front elastic back look. I changed the bands to not button just because I'm a little lazy and mostly very busy all the time. I love them baggie because they fit her cloth diaper really well.

     The fabric was a thrifted skirt and the piping is from a thrifted blouse. Practically free. I always forget to take before pictures. It was very librarian chic.


     The jacket is the Zermatt Bow Swing Coat from see kate sew patterns. It was part of the Fall 2013 Sew Fab Bundle and I don't know if it's still available. So cute. So fast. So easy. What
 a pleasure. From printing to finish was 1-1/2 hours with interruptions to write a note to my son's teacher, make breakfast for Elena, and start some laundry. Can't thank Kate enough for making it so easy and adorable. The awesome blackberry colored anti-pill fleece is from Joann's.


     The hat is something I crocheted last winter. I had no pattern and I have a bad memory so I can't really remember how I did it. I think I just kept increasing and increasing rather extremely and then had to do a lot of reducing at some point. I love the king's crown effect. Reminds me of the old Imperial Margarine commercials when I was a kid. Dating myself again I'm sure.




     Elena says it's pretty cold out here so let's come back for a picnic in the spring. I agree.

Side note: I am so frustrated with Blogger. It will not let me resize the photos after the first 2. I hear it's a bug. Anyone have any info or know a solution? I want to see these pics bigger. waaaaaa.


  1. Great knickers! Although we'd call them pants where I'm from. That crochet hat is out of this world ace... looks uber cool. I adore it.

  2. I love knickers! We call them pants too; but I say knickers every chance I get! Don't you hate it when those kid songs get stuck in your head? My daughters 8 so for me it's always the Disney starlets new pop song...they all get a record deal now. Lol!

    Your project is brilliant! This is the second time I've read about this series, and I'm looking forward to following!!

  3. Beautiful purple outfit! I too love the hat, so lovely!

  4. Knickers!! Ah! Why didn't I think of that one?! Darling :)

  5. Love this outfit! I totally forgot about Knickers :)

  6. Oh how I LOVE knickers! My sister and I had matching pairs in the seventies:)
    You did an amazing job!


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